Nutropy Won i-Lab Grand Prix

Press Release, July 2023

i-Lab Grand Prix

i-Lab is the yearly innovation contest organized by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation in partnership with the French Public Investment Bank BpiFrance #France2030 to recognize and financially support the best innovative deeptech companies.

Out of all the winners each year, the 10 best and most innovative companies are considered “Grand Prix”, with a larger grant and more support. This Grand Prix only has a 2% success rate and demonstrates that the French government and Research Minister have validated the relevance of our technology and business approach.

Nutropy & i-Lab Grand Prix

We are the 1st alternative protein company to win the Grand Prix award in 25 competition editions. Nutropy is rewarded for its project which focuses on optimizing its innovative processes for the production of dairy proteins by precision fermentation. The project aims to enable a new range of sustainable, tasty and healthier cheese alternatives, while reducing production costs. The grant of up to 600,000€ will significantly accelerate Nutropy’s development to bring animal-free milk ingredients to market.

Nathalie Rolland, CEO and president of Nutropy, commented: “We are happy to see that our particular technical and business approach built on our expertises, experiences, and the relationships developed over the past years with our future clients has been recognised.”

Dr. Maya Bendifallah, CSO and Director of Nutropy added: “We take pride in the continued and reinforced support by BpiFrance, demonstrating the strong potential of our technology to positively impact the future of food through providing dairy companies with a complementary animal-free dairy supply. Nutropy’s innovative ingredients allow for the decarbonisation and strengthening of their industry while enabling them to offer delicious and sustainable new products to consumers.”

About Nutropy

Nutropy is developing dairy ingredients, caseins and fatty acids, identical to those produced by cows, thanks to its precision fermentation technology. This innovation is aimed at dairy companies who want to offer alternatives to conventional cheeses, whose production has a heavy environmental impact. Current plant-based alternatives, while more sustainable, do not sufficiently meet consumer expectations in terms of taste, texture and nutrition. Nutropy’s technology enables the production of the next generation of cheese alternatives made with its innovative and highly functional animal-free dairy ingredients.